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Keynote Speeches

The Role of Leadership in Creating a Mentoring Climate How to Lead When You Are Not in Charge Being Defeated is Often a Temporary Condition: Giving Up is What Makes it Permanent Passion: Finding What Energizes Your Career Always Have a Plan B: Tips for Career Success in Uncertain Times Life is Not Always Easy, But We Learn From Our Experiences Nursing: When are we Finally Going to Stop Eating Our Young I’ll Quit if You Assign Me That Patient Again: Keys to Dealing With Emotionally Difficult People


We were looking for a good speaker to talk about Learning Organizations and leadership on the front lines. Dr. Grossman provided useful tips from his years of experience as a leader, which blended the academic literature, with practical solutions for our work challenges. What is nice is given his background he can speak to business, organizational, and nursing issues. We liked him so much we had him back a second time.

Trevor Clark,
Learning Services Manager