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Difficult People

Working with emotionally difficult people can be one of the most draining aspects of the workplace. Emotionally difficult people flagrantly disregard policies, are verbally abusive, exploitive, manipulative, and physically threatening. They can be patients, families, co-workers, and even leaders. Aggression, harassment, bullying behavior, sexual harassment, and assaults are all on the rise in the workplace. Nurses feel especially vulnerable to threats and violence, and need concrete skills for how to handle these situations. Dr. Grossman has over 35 years of experience with emotionally difficult situations beginning with a career in psychiatric nursing to his doctoral dissertation on the impact of emotionally difficult people on Charge Nurses. He has experience running a consultation team that provided interventions for difficult situations and was part of a research team providing interventions for bullying behavior in schools. You can attend a workshop, host an onsite seminar at your institution, or have NLB customize an intervention with your staff. All of our interventions are intended to assist staff & leadership to move beyond impasses in their relationships with emotionally difficult people.


We had problems with difficult people, both patients and staff. Dr. Grossman helped us to reframe our approach and learn practical communication skills that helped us through these difficult situations.

Christie DiMichele, MSN, RN, NEA-BC,
Nurse Manager Hematology Unit