Bala Cynwyd Gestalt Therapy

Like traditional "talk" therapy, Gestalt techniques use discussion as a method of achieving psychological insight and emotional well-being. What makes Bala Cynwyd Gestalt Therapy unique is that it focuses not only on discussion, but mindful practice and creative action as well. This innovative therapy takes previous lifetime traumas and anchors them firmly in the present so that they can be addressed and resolved. Nurse Leadership Builders employs certified and experienced Gestalt therapists who guide patients on a journey of self-discovery.

Bala Cynwyd Gestalt Therapy techniques may include role-play, controlled movement, observation of the patient's facial expressions and physical reactions to various subjects, and interactive visualization. One traditional technique is the "empty-chair" exercise. When a patient has anxieties concerning past conflicts with a loved one, the therapist may direct the patient to focus on an empty chair in the room. The patient will visualize their loved one sitting in the chair. The patient might then be asked to engage in dialogue with their loved one, or whomever else occupies the chair. The therapist may also direct the patient to assume both roles in the verbal exchange, or the therapist may act as a surrogate for the other party.

The key to Gestalt techniques is emphasis on the present. Some therapies consist of long periods of discussion and analysis. In contrast, the Bala Cynwyd Gestalt Therapy offered at our clinic in Bala Cynwyd focuses not on how a patient felt about an event in the past, but how they feel today. Nurse Leadership Builders therapists do not attempt to second-guess or interpret the patient's emotions and reactions; rather, the patient is encouraged to express and assume responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings and actions. Self-defeating patterns can be released so that one is free to live in the moment. Those seeking to break free of old patterns, assume control of their lives, and develop their core selves can benefit greatly from Gestalt techniques. To find out if this therapeutic tradition is right for you, contact Nurse Leadership Builders located in Bala Cynwyd and take the first step on your journey toward self discovery.